Introducing our #beastmode #issyfashion models of 2015! Thank you @StopActionPhoto!

Take a moment before the Hawks beat the Packers today and view photos of our FUN 2015 models20150114 79

Taken courtesy of our favorite local action photographer, Stop Action Photography.

Our casual photoshoot and backstage event photographer

Our casual photoshoot and backstage event photographer

Attention all models! Come to the photoshoot on Wednesday 1/14 in the upper commons 8:30 a.m.

20140129 62418

Gotta piece of art, jewelry, food item? Interested in Fashion with Compassion? #issyfashion

It’s a dual event, twice the fun! The Issaquah High School ASB Auction is the main reason the Fashion Show exists. We are now collecting donations for the Issaquah High School Auction! Fill out the Auction Procurement Form and email it to when completed! All donations are appreciated. Thank you!


“Best (Unseen) Photos of 2014″ from @IssaquahPress

How awesome is it to be mentioned as a “Best (Unseen) Photos of 2014” in our local paper? Pretty awesome. Thanks Issaquah Press!

Super excited to work with Artitudes

Big shout out and thank you to Issaquah local creative agency, Artitudes, for generously donating their creative and technical genius to create our digital visuals for our stage!! We are so excited to have you as part of our team.

Stage Background Creative Agency

Designing Stage Digital Visuals

Check your emails models!

Mark your calendars to attend a casual photoshoot scheduled for 1/14/2015 @ 8:30 a.m.20140129 62027

The Freshmen knocked sign ups out of the park! #IssyFashion

DSC_4443We are now maxed out with freshmen models.  Doesn’t mean you can’t sign up, just means any freshmen that sign up today after 3:15 will be WAIT-LISTED. Thank you to the Freshmen for their Fashion forward energy.


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